May 23, 2016

Dolmen de Mané Lud - Locmariaquer (France)

The Dolmen de Mané Lud is one of the biggest and most important megalithic monuments in Brittany. It is situated at the highest point in the peninsula in Locmariaquer - surrounded by trees and old houses in a nice and quiet area far away from tourism.

Actually the Dolmen is part of a Tumulus of 80m length, 50m width and 5m height. The corridor has a length of 10m but only 5m are covered with stones. Dimensions of the chamber are 4m x 3m and a maximum height of 1,80m. The capstone of the Dolmen has a length of 8,30m, width of 4m and height of 0,5m but it is broken in two pieces.

In the Dolmen skeletal remains of two humans, pottery sherds and flintstone were found.
The very special in this Dolmen are several carvings in the end stones and the floor plate but not on the ones consisting from granite only from orthogneiss. They seem to show a whale blowing water (interpreted by Serge Cassen).
There are similar carvings at Gavrini. The smaler carvings look like Báculos (crooks).

Geographical coordinates: 47°34'26.3"N / 2°57'03.7"W

The Tumulus with the Dolmen on its top
View from the top of the Tumulus with one large top stone
The Dolmen from above with its entrance on the left
Dolmen to right and house left
End stone with whale carvings
View from inside through the corridor
Top stones of the Dolmen

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