Apr 10, 2016

Géant de Manio / Quadrilatère de Manio - Carnac (France)

Along the stone rows of Carnac to the east the "Quadrilatère de Manio" and the "Géant de Manio" are to be found.
Both are dated to the neolithical age of about 4.500 B.C. and were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century.

The quadrilateral enclosure of local granite stones have a height of max. 1 meter. The length of the site is about 37 meters, the eastern width is app. 10 meters but western width app. 7 meters. It was supposed to be a surrounding of a flattened tumulus.  

"Géant de Manio", the menhir next to the Quadrilatère, has a height of app. 6,5 meters. A legend says: If you throw a pebble onto the top of the menhir AND it remains on it, you have a free wish ...

Quadrilatère de Manio

Menhir Géant de Manio
Stones on top of the Géant