Jan 23, 2016

Carnac Stones - Carnac (France)

The best known megaliths of south Brittany are the Carnac Stones. With a length of app. 4 km (original length 8 km) they consist of alignments, dolmens, tumuli and menhirs. With more than 3000 stones (original 4000) the Carnac Stones are the largest collection worldwide.

The alignments parts in three areas which build rows: Ménec alignments (western part), Kermario alignments (middle), Kérlescan and Petit-Ménec (eastern parts). 

In Ménec is a visitor's centre with information about the megaliths and a shop. From the roof-deck you can have a little view to the alignments of Ménec. At the parking area next to the visitor's centre they offer bus tours along the alignments with explanations in different languages.

The stone rows are enclosed, so it is not possible to walk through - only around the area. Maybe you can join a guided tour. Starting with a walk to the western stones of Ménec which are situated in the village near houses the view to the rows is indescribably impressive.

The first part of alignments is parted by a street. An abandoned house shows how people lived surrounded by the ancient megaliths. Along the street in Kermario there is a small dolmen beside the stones. On a small hill you can climb a look-out with a view the western and eastern stones.

Geographic coordinates: 47° 35′ 5″ N, 3° 4′ 40″ W

Alignments of Ménec

Alignments of Kermario

Alignments in the village Le Ménec