Mar 14, 2016

Tumulus de Kercado - Carnac (France)

As one of Europes oldest megalithic sights the Tumulus of Kercado is situated in the woods of Carnac south of Kermario. It is dated to 4.500 BC.
In former times the Tumulus was surrounded by a Cromlech. Nowadays you can find only a few Menhirs / stones. The Menhir on the top of the Tumulus was set there by its second excavator R. Galles at the beginning of the 20th century.

The hill has a diameter of app. 40 metres. Chamber (3,2m x 2,2m) and corridor consist of 17 stones while there are 5 endstones for the corridor and 1 endstone for the chamber. You will find some carvings in the stones. So it is necessary to take a torch with you.
In the chamber and the corridor some grave goods such as axes, arrowheads and pearls have been found.

Geographic coordinates: 47° 35' 45" N, 3° 3' 14" W

Menhir of the former Cromlech around the Tumulus in front of the entrance

Entrance of the Tumulus with Menhir on the top

some remaining Menhirs around the Tumulus

some remaining Menhirs around the Tumulus

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